Pizza Take-out | Ayer, MA | Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant | 978-772-2736

Where comfort food originated!

For delicious pizza (and more) that puts you in a better state of mind, choose Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant.

"...a great family place with homey décor, good service and very good pizza." - W.W.

Pizza Eatery | Ayer, MA | Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant | 978-772-2736

Guys, the Nashoba Club Restaurant made the list of best pizza in the Boston Area from!
Checkout the writeup below!

"Nashoba Club Restaurant, Ayer MA -- The Nashoba Club looks like some place you'd find on a lonesome Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York road, but thank goodness it is closer to home in Ayer! This classic restaurant/bar with a rustic touch has been in business since 1950 and prides itself on serving homemade pizza. It's hard to classify the pizza as strictly bar pizza, but the bottom line is that the taste is fresh and flavorful. Many go to the Nashoba Special with onions, green peppers, pepperoni and hamburg. Another popular pizza is the Pork U Pie with sweet sausage, bacon, kielbasa, ham, hot sausage and pepperoni. Pizza isn't the only game in town at the Nashoba however, as they serve outstanding burgers, a Swiss chill hot dog wrap, homemade soups and haddock specials on Fridays and Saturdays. 14 Central Ave., Ayer MA. Tel. (978) 772-2736."

Dine In Restaurant | Ayer, MA | Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant | 978-772-2736

Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant History

Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant has been providing delicious homemade pizza to Ayer, MA since 1950. We’ve been in the same building since we opened. Below you will find a timeline of the history of our building.

1920 – “ Herb “ Hardy’s Paint Store
1930 – Upper hall used as a school; also Grange Dance Hall
1944 – Fraternal Order of the Eagles Nashoba Tradesman Association
1950 – Nashoba Club owner Harold and Jessica Rakip
1963 – Purchased by Russell and Florence Rakip
1976 – Purchased by Robert and Muriel Rakip and Robert and Nancy Rakip, Jr.

In 1950, Harold went to school in New York. He went to P.U. – Pizza University – and brought home what is now the family recipe. So we’ve been making pizza since 1950. That's over 6 decades! Just think:

  • Our pizza grew up with the first Baby Boomers
  • Bob Cousy was a rookie
  • The Beatles were in grammar school
  • There was no pizza anywhere in the Valley
  • Elvis was King
  • Ed Sullivan was the toast of the town
  • If we had a TV, it was black and white
  • Bobby Orr was a baby
  • Yaz was a teenager
  • Ted Williams was in his prime
  • Truman was president
  • Bob Junior was just a twinkle in Bob Senior’s Eye

Homemade pizza 7 days a week! Visit 14 Central Avenue in Ayer, or call